Why You Should Switch from Fish Oil to Calamarine Oil

People have long known the benefits of fish oil’s potent omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, ALA, EPA, GLA). It has been proven to help combat “heart diseases, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, AHDH, low immunity, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, [inflammation in joints and arteries], IBD, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, eye disorders, macular degeneration and ulcers. It also helps in weight loss, pregnancy, fertility and skin care (particularly for conditions such as psoriasis andacne).” But did you know that the oceans are being over-fished for the high demand of fish oil? Fish oil typically comes from fish such as tuna, but because of over-fishing, companies are resorting to acquiring fish oil from smaller fish such as krill and sardines. These small fish are the main sources of food for dolphins and whales, and the overfishing is causing massive disruptions to their food chain. Whole Foods recently pulled krill oil off their shelves for this very reason. Is there a more sustainable source of  omega-3 fatty acids?

YES. The answer is calamarine oil, coming from squid. Not only is this a more sustainable choice, it is 85% richer in DHA! The squids are not simply used for their oil and wasted as many fish are- the trimmings from calamari for feeding people are used to produce the oil, so there is no waste! Additionally, squid have less mercury build-up, food chains are not disturbed, coral reefs are left unharmed, and squid is typically harvested by small, local fisheries rather than large industrial fleets. Make the switch! Feel free to ask any questions you have and I will do my best to provide you with answers 🙂

Check out these links where you can buy Calamarine Oil (it’s VERY affordable):

Swanson’s Vitamins online: $6.99 for 30 soft gels

Dr. Sinatra’s: $11.24 for 60 soft gels

A more potent version, combining DHA with other added benefits

More reading about fish oil (where I got my info!):

Fish Oil Benefits

Why Green Fish Oil is Better for You



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