Day 3: Fruit Flush Detox

Today was MUCH better! I dropped another 1.5 pounds, totaling 3 pounds so far. I still had a mild headache in the morning, but it mostly went away. I actually wasn’t very hungry today either, nor did I have much of an appetite. And I felt pretty good for the majority of the day. I went downtown with friends to do some shopping and stood the ultimate test of watching them eat hamburgers, fries, and ice cream for lunch. And I just ate my blueberries.And didn’t even take one fry. Impressive feat I say.

Despite the better mood overall today, I had moments of feeling lightheaded and periods feeling a bit spacy. But other than that I really felt great. After we got back from downtown, I totally crashed and took a quick 10 minute nap at a table at the university. We took our group exchange photo picture and I headed back to my dorm, a 30 minute walk away. That was too much walking for me with such low calorie consumption the last few days. I completely crashed this time and took a nap for an hour and a half. I had a good sized chicken breast with cumin and cayenne pepper as well as the leftover veggies from last night. While I didn’t feel especially sick eating it, I had no appetite to eat at all and didn’t satisfy the portion requirements, again.

Tomorrow, I will wake up and munch on a protein bar before my first workout in a few weeks (traveling to Scotland impeded my workout progress) and then follow it with my super healthy oatmeal breakfast creation (I will share another time!). I’ll check my weight first thing and monitor how I feel during the day and report back my results of the fruit flush detox!


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