Day 1: Pre-Flush for 3-Day Detox

Woah, I made it. That was a tough one. The first day involves drinking nothing but protein powder mixed with water every 2 hours for 10 hours, and lots of water in between. That means you have to pee basically every 30 minutes. The first drink you’re like “eh, this is actually kind of good!”. The next, you’re like “ah yeah well it’s ok”. The third one “ok, just drink it”. The fourth and fifth are pretty crappy. But then you get excited because you actually get to eat something for dinner. I’ve never been so excited about eating a bowl full of raw veggies in my life. Chicken added for protein, some avocado and lemon juice for fat and flavor, and voila! You have completed the first detox day.

I have to say, you’re consuming just enough to not go crazy, but you’re still on edge a lot. And very tired. It’s a little hard to stay motivated and work when you’re pretty hungry and have no energy. I drank tons of water to try to feel full. Sometimes I was thinking “maybe, just one little bite of that cheesy, creamy pasta in your fridge….”. But no! I resisted. And I’m proud of myself. I’m excited for tomorrow because I get to eat fruit all day! I weighed myself this morning to see my starting weight and I will weigh again on Thursday morning after the whole detox is completed. Most people lose 5-10 pounds, but if I lose at least 3, I’ll be a happy camper.


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