Better late than never…

So, I have finally decided to start this blog. Initially, I meant to start about a year and a half ago when the lengthy preparations began for my study abroad journey. But that didn’t happen- instead, work and school took up my life. Once I arrived in Sweden in August, I meant to start this blog to talk about my experiences- instead, I got completely caught up in my traveling and social life. Then in January of this year, I meant to start this blog- but again, it got pushed aside. But now, I’m doing it.


Part of the reason blogging got pushed aside was because I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to hone in on, what my specialty blog would be about, how to attract readers and keep their attention. There are so many things I’m interested in- social media, traveling, green living, makeup, decorating, indie music- how to decide??? That decision stressed me out. Since I’m finally starting and still not totally sure, I’m just going to try this blogging thing out and see what happens. I think as I go, a more clear and definitive theme for my blog will manifest itself. Until then, I’ll just blog about the things I like and think others will find interesting. Feel free to comment and make suggestions!


Tomorrow, I’m starting Jay Robb’s 3-Day Fruit Flush Detox. I tried it a few years ago, but I gave up in the middle of day 2 because I was….hungry. I’m determined to try it again. My cravings for chocolate are pretty ridiculous at this point and this cleanse is supposed to kick your cravings, release toxins from your body, and help you jump start a new healthier approach to eating after you’re done. I’ll give it another go. I hope I don’t cave.


My inspiration to try this cleanse again came from Anna Jimenez, blogger at In her Detox Diary , she explains that  “The entire three-day program, which he recommends following once or twice a month throughout your lifetime, supplies your body with vitamin C, cleanses the tissues and lymph system, rinses away excess sodium, and peps up your spirits… The bonus side effects of those things? Weight loss, clearer skin, and a ‘my, this tiny glass of whey protein shake is half full’-mentality”. Sounds enticing enough right??


If you’re interested in checking out Jay Robb’s 3-Day Fruit Flush Detox, you can download the 48-page book for only $5!

– Christina


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